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Fighting addiction can be one of the most difficult things that anyone will face in their lifetime. However, for many, the fight never begins until damage has been done. The concept of hitting rock bottom is a familiar one to anyone who has gone through struggles with substance abuse. Losing everything the person recognizes there is a real problem. This is one of the most insidious aspects of the disease of addiction.

The constant abuse of drugs or alcohol actually rewires people's brains, making them less able to recognize their self-destructive behavior for what it is. The capacity of those suffering from addiction to delude themselves and ignore the catastrophic effects of their illness is almost infinite. This very frequently shocks those around them, including loved ones. Those witnessing the self-debasement of a person in the grips of addiction often conclude that there is something wrong with the individual. But this is not at all the case. Redemption isn't just possible, with determination, it is inevitable.

That's because, today, there are more effective treatment options for substance abuse than at any time in the past. The Rowland Recovery drug rehab center in Washington DC represents one of the options that those suffering from addiction have to give them the best chance of making a successful recovery. On this page, we'll review the process of addiction recovery and what someone can expect upon entering a substance abuse treatment facility within our network.

Detoxification is task one

Any addiction recovery program must start with detoxification. A person who tries to get sober without completely abstaining from use for at least a period of a few days stands virtually no chance of maintaining sobriety. Our drug detox clinic in Washington DC is able to help our clients get through the tough challenges of detox.

Any drug rehab facility in the Rowland Recovery network has trained staff on call 24/7, who are able to help our clients get through any withdrawal symptoms or other cravings that they may have throughout the detoxification process. With thousands of successful detoxes, our staff have seen it all and are ready for whatever challenge is thrown their way. Our addiction recovery center in Washington DC can allow the client to detox fully and safely.

Dual diagnosis is the foundation of treatment

Dual diagnosis refers to the discovery or ruling out any concomitant mental disorders that may be complicating or causing the substance abuse. It is one of the most important aspects of treatment because people who are abusing drugs or alcohol and have a serious underlying mental condition are often doing so for reasons that are quite different from those who have no underlying mental issues. The chief reason those with underlying mental conditions abuse substances is to self-medicate.

For this reason our addiction recovery facility in Washington DC employs trained psychologists who are capable of diagnosing underlying disorders. With the effective treatments for mental conditions dual diagnosis makes the success rates for our Washington DC addiction treatment center much higher.

A community-based addiction treatment facility

The Rowland Recovery drug addiction treatment program operates on a community-based model. This means that much of the program is focused on building a positive social environment, where a sense of camaraderie can be developed and strong bonds formed among a group of clients, who share the same goal of achieving lasting recovery.

Our facilities also employ many staff members who are recovering substance abusers themselves. This allows for a level of genuine empathy between staff and clients that would not otherwise be possible. With the ability to form such strong bonds in pursuit of a common cause, many of our clients and staff stay in touch with each other for years after they have completed our program.

This is why our program has some of the highest success rates in the country. Call us today to get started.

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