Why Choose Rowland Recovery

There is nothing easy about dealing with substance abuse, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our clients receive the care the need. No matter what the circumstances might have been that lead to your addiction to begin with, we are here to provide you with the support you need to reach your recovery goals. When you’re ready to begin working toward your recovery goals in earnest, get in touch with our substance abuse treatment facility.


Dual Diagnosis

When you enter our drug rehab clinic, you’ll begin the same way every client at our drug rehab facility does: by taking part in a comprehensive and in-depth intake interview with one of our specially qualified and well-educated staff members. During this interview, you’ll be asked a variety of questions. These questions will cover a plethora of topics, from your history of substance abuse, to your first encounter with your substance of choice, from your usage habits to the duration of your addiction. You may question whether or not every question is necessary, but rest assured that the details we gather will all be used to inform your treatment.

Aftercare Services

During this intake interview, it is of paramount importance that you are honest. It is important not only to be honest with the staff member conducting the interview, and being sure to answer every question to the best of your ability, but also to ensure that you are being honest with yourself. The only way to seriously combat addiction is by being honest with yourself about your experiences and the nature of your addiction. By being honest, you can being to fully understand the nature of your addiction, which is a necessary step in acknowledging and overcoming substance abuse.

Supervised Detox

Once we’ve gathered these details about your history of substance abuse, we’ll be able to use them to inform your addiction recovery treatment plan. Each client who enters our drug addiction treatment facility is given a personalized plan for recovery. This means that every client's treatment is personalized to target the specific areas where they are in most dire need of addiction recovery treatment. By providing every client with a customized plan for care, Rowland Recovery is able to provide the best assistance to the most clients, ensuring every client gets the treatment they need and deserve.