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Rehabilitation is the only way for individuals to recover from an addiction. Although there are rehabs for a wide range of conditions, drug rehab programs are one of the most common and effective treatments offered.

Drug Rehab Center

Our substance abuse treatment facility in Atlanta, Georgia is the best way to recover and change addictive behaviors. But in order for rehab to be successful, individuals must devote themselves to the rehabilitation process. In addition, our Atlanta addiction recovery facility is essential for recovery because it teaches individuals skills necessary to re-enter society.

Rowland Recovery and our drug rehab clinic in Atlanta offers a variety of treatment programs for anyone with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. In many circumstances, addiction can have a negative influence on individuals personal and work life. Rowland Recovery addiction treatment programs help clients learn skills that are needed to regain trust in friends and family.

The Rehabilitation Process & Individualized Treatment

Although every addiction recovery center is different, there is a standard rehabilitation process that most facilities follow. This process has been highly effective in many studies. It is important to note that although our Atlanta addiction treatment clinic follows the recommended rehabilitation process, we also offer our clients individualized treatment plans. Developing an individualized treatment plan is a time-consuming process, but the staff at Rowland Recovery understand the importance of creating a recovery plan that is unique and meets the needs of each client. Although our clients are being treated for addiction, the manner in which they are treated needs to be completely personalized.

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

In addition to personalized treatment plans, Rowland Recovery also offers dual diagnosis mental health treatment for clients who have a co-occurring disorder. A co-occurring disorder is when an individual has a substance abuse disorder and a mental health issue. One example would be an individual who has an addiction to alcohol and a bipolar disorder. Dual diagnosis treatment is essential for a long-term recovery. When a substance abuse disorder is treated, but a mental health disorder is left untreated, it increases the likelihood of relapse. Our clients with a co-occurring disorder are provided with dual diagnosis treatment. Rowland Recovery may also ask clients to undergo diagnostic testing to determine if a mental health disorder is present. If clients are diagnosed with a mental health disorder during treatment, their recovery plans will be adjusted to include dual diagnosis treatment.

The Importance of Supervised Detox

When an individual stop using drugs, their bodies begin the detoxification process. This is when the body will rid itself of harmful toxins that remain from continued drug use. The symptoms that can surface during detox will vary based on the drug that was used, their overall health, and age. Monitored detox is extremely important because it allows individuals to safely eliminate toxins from their bodies. Those seeking treatment at Rowland Recovery are always offered supervised detox. Our staff strives to help clients stay comfortable during this process.

The Benefits of Therapy

Therapy will begin when our clients finish detox at our addiction treatment center in Atlanta. Our treatment plans offer clients individual, group, and aftercare therapy, all of which are necessary for a successful outcome. Individual and group therapy will take place while our clients are in the facility, and aftercare will begin when clients return to home.

You can do this, Rowland Recovery believes in you. Give us a call today and we will set up an appointment at our addiction treatment center in Atlanta, Georgia.

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