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Are you ready to seek help for an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Our Boston, Massachusetts addiction treatment center has high-quality services that can help you through this important process. At Rowland Recovery drug detox clinic we can offer you the help you need to attain your recovery goals.

Experienced, Professional Counselors

Our Boston, Massachusetts addiction treatment facility has capable counselors and therapists who understand the nature of addiction. They have the experience and knowledge necessary to create an individualized treatment program for each client. This means evaluating a client’s mental condition, addictive behaviors, and other issues to tailor the treatment program to the person.

Monitored Detox

Here at our Boston, Massachusetts drug detox clinic, we are committed to helping our clients move through the proper steps to achieve recovery. Detox is one of those integral steps. During this time, all traces of alcohol and drugs leave the client’s body, so they can think in a clear way. At Rowland Recovery, we provide support to clients during detox. It’s important that every client knows they're not alone in this journey, especially during this step.

A Dual-Diagnosis

About half of people who come to our Boston, Massachusetts drug rehab center are given dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This is appropriate when a client is dealing with both addiction and a co-occurring disorder. These conditions can lead people to seek relief in drugs and alcohol. So, if you receive dual diagnosis mental health treatment, you’ll get treatment for both your addiction and any co-occurring mental condition with which you may be struggling.

Supportive Peers

Rowland Recovery addiction recovery facility has a staff of counselors, therapists, and professionals to help you heal. In our effective addiction recovery program, you’ll also get the support of your peers to help you along. Getting the help and encouragement of others in the program who are farther along in their journey than you can be invaluable.

A Safe Environment for Healing

Our Boston, Massachusetts addiction recovery center must create a safe environment for healing. In therapy, clients reveal painful events in their lives and deal with sensitive subjects. It’s important that a person who is recovering from addiction feels free to do that to achieve enduring recovery. Our drug rehab center in Boston, Massachusetts makes it a priority to establish a safe, non-judgmental environment for our clients.

Several Therapy Options

At New Life Recovery drug rehab facility, we provide several therapy options, including group therapy, individual therapy or a combination of both. Our Boston, Massachusetts drug rehab center as offers other types of therapy options, such as music, equine, and art therapy. While one type of therapy may be effective for one client, another client may need a combination, or a different treatment all together.

Aftercare Services

Aftercare services plan an essential role at our Boston, Massachusetts substance abuse treatment facility. A client may come in once a week to discuss what is happening in their life after leaving treatment. No matter what form it takes, aftercare is important for a person who has just gone through addiction recovery. It's a way to let them know they are not alone even after they’ve left Rowland Recovery drug rehab facility.

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