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Coming to terms with the fact that you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse can be one of the most daunting challenges that life presents. Like many other things, once the initial steps of identifying the issue, establishing goals, and resolving to make those goals happen, the rest becomes easy by comparison. Unfortunately, the insidious nature of addiction makes recognizing the nature of the problem, even in the most extreme and harmful cases, an enormous challenge.

Addiction is one of the few diseases on Earth that severely diminish the ability of the person suffering from them to recognize the extent of their illness or that they even have an illness at all. This is probably the single most important factor in making addiction such an incredibly difficult disease to effectively fight. Without first recognizing that there is a problem to begin with, the treatment of the disease can never begin.

Fortunately, for those who are able to recognize the severity of their own addiction, there has never been a better time to begin the recovery process. Our drug rehab center in Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the best available options for combating the ills caused by substance abuse. With an addiction recovery program tailored to each individual client's needs, a substance abuse treatment facility in the Rowland Recovery network will maximize the chance of our client in succeeding in their addiction recovery.

In this article, we'll survey the client who enters into a drug rehab facility in the Rowland Recovery network as well as what they might expect.

Detoxification begins

By far, the most important step in the recovery process, once the client enters an addiction recovery center, is the detoxification process. Our drug detox clinic in Las Vegas employs the most talented and experienced staff members in the country. A typical addiction recovery facility in Las Vegas able to handle the safe and effective detoxification of any client, whether they're a new abuser of stimulants or a 20 year alcoholic, our staff is there 24/7, ready to handle any eventuality of the detox process.

Dual diagnosis

The next step, upon entering our addiction treatment center in Las Vegas, is to undergo a complete mental health evaluation. Psychologists refer to this mental health screening in the setting of an addiction treatment facility as a dual diagnosis. The idea is to definitively find out whether or not there are underlying mental conditions that may be causing or contributing to the substance abuse.

Those who abuse substances and also have serious underlying mental disorders are more likely to be using drugs or alcohol as a means of self-medication. This has large implications for the treatment of these people, with the treatment of the underlying mental disorders that need treatment. Often, those who are suffering from mental disorders experience spontaneous remission of the substance abuse once the mental conditions are addressed.

Community-based recovery is the best model

It has been demonstrated that what's known as community-based addiction recovery is the most effective model. Our facilities follow this approach, creating positive social environments in which the clients can freely and honestly talk about their concerns, troubles and anxieties. This creation of a high trust environment is further augmented by the sense of camaraderie that inevitably develops among clients with the shared goal of attaining lasting sobriety.

This community-based model also makes ample use of staff who have dealt with substance abuse issues. The ability of these staff to genuinely empathize and form bonds with the clients is an integral part of the recovery process. Overall, the community-based program creates a high level of social capital and trust that helps provide a strong support network for the recovering substance abusers to fall back on.

These are just a few of the features that make our addiction recovery program in Las Vegas, Nevada one of the best in the country.

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